A Post a Day Keeps the Funds in Play

Creating your Contribute.to Card, crafting a killer ‘Why’, and recording a great ask is a lot. You’re well on your way to funding your passion! But how will people find your Card?

We recommend building a 7-day promotional plan around your ‘why’. The idea is to leverage your networks, and the networks of those around you, so that you tell your story and people are aware that you are asking for contributions.

This takes time and effort – while we all love the movie Field of Dreams, in this case: if you build it, they won’t come….unless you tell them where to come! In other words, it’s time to get your Contribute.to Card working for you!

In the video below, our resident curator and entrepreneur Carrie Scott walks you through how to get your Card in front of an important audience – your social media followers. By the end of this video, you will have built a 7-day promotional plan around your ‘Why’. You will know how to leverage your own networks, and the networks of those around you to drive contributions on your Card.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to read more at your own pace, check out our 7-day launch schedule, which outlines all the steps you’ll need to get started.

Contribute.to only works when you share your Card with your network. Here is a 7-day plan to help you get started.

7-Day Sharing Schedule!

Feeling ready to drop some Tweets and Reels to let your followers know how they can reward your creativity? Let’s get to it!

Need a little extra inspiration?
Performance artist Margret Wibmer posted every day on her social media for nearly a month and the contributions just keep coming in.