Creators Are Funding Their Passion. You Can Too!

Last year, creators made $300,000 using And that was just while we were in beta! Given that 75% of artists in the US make less than $10,000 per year from their work, that is massive!

Artists have used to fund exhibitions, rent studio space, buy supplies, publish books and so much more – just see for yourself! And feel free to click on the images to check out their Cards to learn more.

Photographer Blaire Hawes funded a 20-year dream, rented studio space for the first time and is working on a new series.
Painter Gabriel Salvador bought larger canvases and other supplies to take his craft to the next level - and sold his first work!
Photographer Silvia Lelli published a new book about legendary photographer Pina Bausch (and is already working on funding another).
Artist Jason Matias raised $65,000 and exhibited at Red Dot during Art Basel Miami Beach.

So, what do you say? Do you have a Card already? Now’s the time to get it out there. And if you don’t have a Card, it’s time to ask yourself – are you ready to change the way you fund your creative work?