How Is Your ‘Why’ Like a Hamburger?

Ok, to be honest, your ‘why’ on the Card isn’t really like a hamburger – we just really like the visual comparison!

As we’ve said before, the creators who generate the most money with their Card have a very distinct reason and purpose. People want to understand what they are putting their money toward, and it’s important that you give this to them. But, as we’ve also said before, this is a huge, existential question, and it is NOT easy.

So, sometimes a real-world comparison is the best way to go! And that’s where the hamburger comes in. Think of a burger split into three separate parts:

1. The top of the bun
2. The filling
3. The base of the bun

If you split your ‘why’ into those same components, and fill it in the same proportions, you’re likely to come up with a pretty effective text for your Card. Let’s look a bit deeper!

The Top of the Bun – Your Project
Write one sentence introducing your project, then another one to two sentences explaining what you’re are raising money for.

The Filling – Your Ambitions
Write two to three sentences providing more details about the project, why it’s important to you, and what you hope to achieve.

The Base of the Bun – Thank You
End with one to two sentences about yourself more generally. And remember to thank your fans for their support!

Overly simple? Perhaps. But it works! If you want to know more, see some examples, and even take a MADLIBS approach to defining your ‘why’, check out this two-pager, which provides more details and may inspire you to create the best ‘why’ ever!

Sometimes a real-world comparison is the best way to go

How is a WHY like a hamburger?!